Божието снизхождане в трипеснеците на св. Климент Охридски.

God „s condescension in the Triodia of St. Clement of Ohrid

Ekaterina Damjanova
Bulgaria is a country that, through its Eastern Orthodox tradition, is closely connected with the events, described in Biblical texts, which contain numerous references to the geographical background of the front Orient. The Orthodox understanding of Biblical Events and places is expreassed in theology, liturgy, iconography and hymnography. Through the interpretation these Events and places begin to play the role of literary topoi. The works of St. Clement of Ohrid

are a model for such a biblical approach in considering decisive biblical moments from the Old Testament and New Testament periods. The writer wrote acrostic poems to celebrate important moments in the saving history of mankind, in which he presents the ascent of man to God and the descent of God to man. In his hymns, St. Clement reveals condescension, in which God does not appear as He is, but shows Himself to the extent that the one who has the opportunity to contemplate Him is capable of it.


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